The charm of Venice, the city on water

“La gondola nera, slanciata, e il modo in cui si muove, lieve, senza rumore alcuno, ha qualcosa di strano, una bellezza da sogno, ed è parte integrante della città dell’ozio, dell’amore e della musica” (Hermann Hesse).
The Ebanista Collection embodies the spirit of Venetian workshops and the timeless beauty of an evergreen style.

This line is inspired by the city that the whole world envies us; the Collection is characterised by coated finishes applied by hand and the finishings that recall the timeless magnificence of the city of the Doges.

The designs of these furnishings represent the unmistakable taste that evokes the narrow streets of an unforgettable city that exudes culture.

This Collection is a homage to Venice and is inspired by the art and history of this city.


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