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When the structure becomes a sculpture

Made of solid wood and enriched with hand carvings, this Collection distinguishes itself for the high quality and refinement of the materials used.

The structures of this line are 7 cm thick and each one is hand processed. The Acamante kitchen hood is a clear example of the skill and experience of our workers, capable of hand crafting, with precision, important and complex structures.

Hand carved columns and inserts obtained from fine wood transform the structures into sculptures.

This gem of the art of cabinet making embodies the creativity and craftsmanship of two great nations – Italy and Russia – and is the brainchild of the supremely talented Russian designer Sergey Khuromov, who conceived and crafted it down in exquisite detail. The skillful hands of Leardini 1964 craftsmen were able to turn the expert designer’s vision into the Acamante collection, the first chapter of a successful joint effort set to bring a wealth of new products and projects in the future.

A Collection in which the material is transformed thanks to the precious work of man.


The value of history combined with refined finishes

This Collection is characterised by the artistic currents that have influenced Italian art and in particular the art of Verona. Roman columns and Ionic capitals are distinctive features of this line; they are hand-carved and proposed with precious decorations such as gold leaf details.

The name of the Collection is the name of a king that lived part of his life in Verona, King Teodorico.

The underlying spirit of this collection is the great respect for the past, completed by the desire to re-propose it with our artisan skills.

This collection is dedicated to art and history lovers that want the best Made in Italy products.

A collection based on great historical research, rich in materials and finishes, such as artistic leaded glass with silver leaf finish.


Unique types of wood for a modern design

A modern Collection made of exclusive types of wood.
Bamboo, black walnut, rosewood and mahogany are shaped with a contemporary design.

Curves and shapes define the character of the line, giving it a strong personality.
This Collection is suitable for different interior design styles, from the metropolitan loft to the country house furnished in contemporary style.

This line is completed by refined finishes and designs such as the Rain forest gold marble or fossil marble

These products are designed for demanding customers that admire craftsmanship details, love beautiful things and Made in Italy products

A Collection with a strong personality defined by its shapes; a line designed to be produced with top quality wood.


The essence of wood

Simple lines that enhance the nature of wood.

The grain of the oak is enhanced by the minimal and fluid shapes of this Collection, created to underline the natural aspect of the material used

The Dianora Collection features very few decorations to enhance the grain of the wood.

Solid oak, known for its resistance and compactness, is the ideal solution for this Collection.

Special and artistic glass has been created for this line, in harmony with the Dianora philosophy.

Wood, a living material, is the protagonist

The coated finish and silver leaf, hand applied using an ancient technique, add a precious touch to this Collection.


The charm of Venice, the city on water

“La gondola nera, slanciata, e il modo in cui si muove, lieve, senza rumore alcuno, ha qualcosa di strano, una bellezza da sogno, ed è parte integrante della città dell’ozio, dell’amore e della musica” (Hermann Hesse).
The Ebanista Collection embodies the spirit of Venetian workshops and the timeless beauty of an evergreen style.

This line is inspired by the city that the whole world envies us; the Collection is characterised by coated finishes applied by hand and the finishings that recall the timeless magnificence of the city of the Doges.

The designs of these furnishings represent the unmistakable taste that evokes the narrow streets of an unforgettable city that exudes culture.

This Collection is a homage to Venice and is inspired by the art and history of this city.