Terms and conditions

Access to the www.gianlucadonati.com website (hereinafter referred to as “Website” for the sake of brevity) is subject to the terms and conditions outlined below. By using the Website you unconditionally agree to comply with all the clauses described below.

Website content

The material published and/or reproduced on the Website (including, to list a few but not all the material: information, logos, graphic elements, sounds, images, trademarks, etc., hereinafter referred to as “Information” for the sake of brevity) is of exclusive property of (or granted for use by third parties to) Leardini 1964 Srl. The content of the Website is available for personal use only and not for commercial purposes.

Intellectual property rights

Leardini 1964 Srl actively protects its intellectual property rights. The content published on the Website is protected by the regulations in force on copyright and industrial property rights. The partial or total reproduction of the Information is only allowed following prior written authorisation of Leardini 1964 Srl. It is strictly forbidden to modify, copy, reproduce, distribute, transmit or diffuse the content of this website without the prior express written consent of Leardini 1964 Srl. In particular it is forbidden to copy software used to operate the Website, create similar programs, track and/or use the source code of the above mentioned programs.

Leardini 1964 Srl does not use third party material covered by copyright without clearly stating the owners. The reproduction of the said material that may be on the Website may be restricted by the owner; prior written consent must be obtained from the copyright owner to reproduce the material on other publications in paper and/or electronic format.


Leardini 1964 Srl endeavours to provide information in a timely and accurate manner, however it cannot guarantee that the said Information is correct at the time of issue and that it will remain correct in time. All services provided by Leardini 1964 Srl do not constitute an obligation therefore Leardini 1964 Srl expressly reserves the right, at any time without notice, to eliminate or modify all or part of the Website pages or the entire publication without being held liable.

Leardini 1964 Srl shall not be liable for any inaccuracy, imprecision and/or omission related to the material contained on the Website; Leardini 1964 Srl shall not be liable for damages of any kind, direct or indirect, (including viruses infections brought to your equipment caused by accessing and/or interconnecting to the Website or downloading its content) caused, suffered or determined by accessing or using Website pages.


Links are a useful resource for Website visitors, therefore Leardini 1964 Srl offers links to other website pages for your convenience to provide further information. Leardini 1964 Srl shall not be liable for the contents published on the said websites and for the use made by third parties; Leardini 1964 Srl shall not be liable for any damage caused or originated by accessing the said websites, or by interconnecting to them or by downloading their contents.

Enforceability. Applicable law and competent Court

The above mentioned clauses form an integral part of the Website and are governed by Italian Law. If any sections of the clauses hereof are found to be invalid, illegal or ineffective, this shall not affect the validity of the remaining parts, which shall continue to be effective. Any disputes which may arise herefrom shall be referred to the Court of Verona. Leardini 1964 Srl reserves the right however to take legal action to safeguard its rights before judicial authorities in other cities or countries other than Italy.

Terms and conditions concerning the logos of Leardini 1964 Srl

Logos, logotypes, distinguishing marks and trademarks, web pages, screen images or other distinguishing characteristics of Leardini 1964 Srl (“Logos”) represent a valuable asset that Leardini 1964 Srl actively protects. To use the Logos – respecting the provisions hereof – you must have express authorisation form Leardini 1964 Srl (“Authorisation”). Authorisation can be obtained by sending a specific request (“Form”) containing the purpose for which the Logos are required. With the Authorisation, Leardini 1964 Srl grants to the user, free of charge, the non-transferable and non-exclusive right to use the Logos solely and exclusively for the purpose and on the materials specified in the Form.
If there is an existing contract with Leardini 1964 Srl which establishes the use of the Logos you do not need to carry out this authorisation procedure; this procedure is however necessary to request Authorisation for other uses not included in the existing contract. In exception to the above the Logos can be used without the prior written consent of Leardini 1964 Srl only if on the Leardini 1964 Srl website there is a clear and explicit declaration that the Logos can be used without authorisation (e.g. search fields).
In any case, the Logos must be used in compliance with the conditions listed below and in particula:

    • only graphic elements approved by Leardini 1964 Srl can be used;
    • a declaration clearly stating that the Logos are property of Leardini 1964 Srl must be included in the text;
    • the Logos must be clearly distinguished from the surrounding text;

The following operations are forbidden:

      • remove, distort or alter in any way and/or under any form even just one single element of the Logos, not in compliance with the criteria defined by Leardini 1964 Srl;
      • copy or imitate the trade dress of Leardini 1964 Srl, including the graphic aspect of the web designs property of Leardini 1964 Srl or the presentation of logos or colour combinations, typographic elements, graphic designs, product icons or images clearly associated with Leardini 1964 Srl;
      • use marks, logotypes, slogans or designs than can be confused with the Logos;
      • register the Logos with second level dominion names;
      • reproduce the Logos in a manner considered by Leardini 1964 Srl, at its unquestionable judgement, as deceitful, improper, defamatory, illegal, slanderous, disparaging or despicable for Leardini 1964 Srl;
      • display the Logos on any digital, paper or other support in a prominent position or in any case in a position that may deceitfully lead to believe that there is a relationship or affiliation with Leardini 1964 Srl, or a sponsorship or approval by Leardini 1964 Srl; the display of the Logos in a position that may falsely lead to believe that the contents of the pages are created by Leardini 1964 Srl;
      • display the Logos on any website that contains or visualises contents which are for adults only;
      • incorporate the Logos in names of products, services, marks, logotypes or companies.

The rights related to trademark property vary from country to country. Some countries apply severe penal and civil sanctions for the improper use of the registration symbol. Therefore the use of the registration symbol (®) is not recommended in countries in which the trademark is not registered.
Leardini 1964 Srl reserves the exclusive right to withdraw or change, at its discretion, the Authorisation and to take legal action against any use which does not comply with the provisions hereof, which breaches any intellectual property right or which does not comply with the laws in force.