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Investing in the future while keeping faithful to our roots.
Since 1964, Leardini has enjoyed a fine reputation in Italy and worldwide for interior design and the production of modern, classic, country, contract and luxury furnishings.

Leardini 1964 is the embodiment of design and material research aimed at satisfying the most demanding of tastes in woods, finishes and design. The natural destinations of this research are the design office and the factory, in which bespoke furnishings are crafted in the hallmark styles of the brand’s exclusive collections.

A word from us

Marco Leardini

Marco Leardini (Junior)

“Behind each project lies an effective, painstaking style analysis, developed through the pursuit of impeccably appealing solutions that are also supremely practical”.

Franco Leardini

Franco Leardini (Senior – Master Craftsman)

“The emotion of a job well done is timeless, and this is why different generations can and should work together to create splendid projects and furnishing solutions, combining experience and enterprising spirit with skill and fresh, new ideas”.

Camillo Leardini

Camillo Zambelli (Interior designer)

“We furnish the world’s most beautiful homes, selecting only top-quality materials and investing fine craftsmanship in each exquisitely bespoke project, from the design through to the details”.

Laura Leardini

Laura Leardini (Director)

“Each of the furnishing elements in our projects is crafted in-house, so that every step of the process can be monitored with the utmost care and attention”.

Leardini Logo

the choices we make

We seek to satisfy our customers in every way, and to make them feel unique. This is why our strengths include the bespoke craftsmanship processes we undertake to carry out by teaming technological innovation with a passion for each project.

to achieve great things

We work to offer solutions that are not only beautifully stylish, but also functional and designed to make every setting eminently liveable, in keeping with modern demands.

Chi siamo fabrica mobili su misura

using the finest resources

TOP QUALITY, to boost the reliability of our wooden furnishings.
ON-GOING INNOVATION, to provide a precise, prompt, punctual service.
EXCLUSIVE STYLE, to offer solutions packed with distinctive character.
CRAFTSMANSHIP SKILL, to ensure each piece is a work of art. Each item is made to measure in our factory in Italy, where it is crafted by hand.
And above all, PEOPLE able to invest passion in what they do, from the master cabinetmakers to the designers, as well as the production managers and executives.